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02 nd Mar 2018
Shelter Party Tent Sale - Portable Event Tent - Event Marquee - Event Tent - Commercial Tent - Tent for Event - Party Tent for Sale (298)

Portable Event Tent 15x20m for Corporate Celebration in Malaysia

15x20m Portable Event Tent with Clear PVC Fabrics Shelter offers event tents with different clearspan widths which enable us to provide the ideal space for your site and guest numbers....

02 nd Mar 2018

Cost-effective Aluminium Marquee Tent for Charity Event

Reliable Marquee Supplier for Your Event When it comes to event marquee purchase, all you want is for the event to run smoothly and to impress your clients and guests...

02 nd Mar 2018
Shelter Party Tent Sale - White Event Tent - Event Marquee - Event Tent - Commercial Tent - Tent for Event - Party Tent for Sale (292)

White Event Tent for Sale for Groundbreaking Ceremony

Temporary White Event Tent Keeps Your Project Moving SHELTER offers a comprehensive range of temporary white event tent sale solutions for private events and corporate hospitality throughout the world. Our...

06 th Dec 2017
Small Marquee Tent - Shelter Party Tent Sale - Event Marquee with Glass Sidewalls and Cassette Floor - Event Tent Sale - Temporary Event Structure (1)

6m Small Marquee Tent with Black Framework

The small marquee tent is 6x12m. It's robust structure with black framework, white membrane, glass sidewalls, cassette floor used as a poolside restaurant.

02 nd Mar 2016
event canopies - tents for event - outdoor event-tents - 1

Event Canopies Served to Qingdao Beer Festival

Event Canopies Provided to Qingdao Beer Festival Shelter Tent has been working to provide event canopies in various shapes and sizes to different events, with an experience of over 10...

01 st Mar 2016
golf tents - large event tent - cooperate event marquees - shelter tent - 3

Golf Tents with Curved Roof in 2015 PGA

Curved Roof Golf Tents in PGA US PGA Championship as one of the greatest golf games enjoys high reputation, and during the PGA 2015, great amount of golf tents were...

11 th Nov 2015

25×35m Curved Roof Tent – Event Marquees

25×35m Curved Roof Tent | Event Marquees Shelter’s TFS series is designed for helicopter hangar and aircraft hangar with high arch roof. Span from 18m to 50m, this hangar tent provides...

21 st Sep 2015

Event Tents 12x15m With French Window

Event Tents 12x15m With French Window Shelter event tents are the professional basis for perfect mobile event locations. Whether for a tour, Art Shows, Car Shows, Boat Shows, Consumer Shows,...

18 th Sep 2015
Shelter Tent-Event Tents For Sale-Wedding Marquees-Party Tents-Clear span structures-Storage Tent 10-60m 760

Event Tent with Pure White PVC Fabric

White Event Tent with Pure White PVC Fabric Shelter Tent provides catering tents for sale in all sizes and styles. Shelter catering marquee is clear span tent, which has no...

06 th May 2015
Large Event Tent for Wedding-Marquee-Party

30x60m White Large Event Tent For Open Ceremony

Large Event Tent This Large event tent for Chinese Culture Open ceremony. It is 30x60m with capacity over 1000 seater. With French window, it looks elegant and people inside can enjoy...

25 th Oct 2014

Commercial Tents for Sale With Glass Walls

Shelter Tent provides large aluminum clear span Commercial tents for sale for all commercial events. Our tents are relocatable and can easily set up and remove in few hours. Shelter...

17 th Oct 2014

Tent For TOYOTA Car Show – Event Tent For Sale

Shelter Tent has been providing bespoke customer tents for car show for BMW, Audi, Benz, Land Rover, all the famous car brands for more than ten years. We know how...

17 th Oct 2014

Best White Event Tent for Car Show

The Shelter tent has professional experience at event tent manufacturing. We provides different sizes of event tent for all kinds of marketing events. The dynamic design makes the stunning outlook present in front of...

17 th Oct 2014

Large Event Tent for Sale in South Africa

Shelter Tent has built many huge tents. The clear span tent width is up to 60m and length is up to 180m. Here you can find all size event tents....

16 th Oct 2014

Pure White Event Tents for Sale

Event Tents for Sale – Johnnie Walker Products Launch Shelter Tent provides different sizes and sharps event tents for sale. With the lightweight aluminum frame and strong steel stakes, the...

15 th Oct 2014

Large Glass Tent Host 300+ people

Large Glass Tent Host 300+ people Glass tent is widely used in high profile events. With firm glass walls, the tent is much stronger under the storm. It is weather resistant....

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