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Event Canopies Served to Qingdao Beer Festival


Event Canopies Provided to Qingdao Beer Festival

Shelter Tent has been working to provide event canopies in various shapes and sizes to different events, with an experience of over 10 years in tent field, we have became tent expert and have been providing top quality products to big events both home and abroad.

As the first and largest beer festival in China, it required much more than a single tent, so we managed to build six 30*50m tents and one 50*60m tent to satisfy their demand of space, and the total cubic meters was more that 13,000sqm.

All these event canopies were installed with aluminum main frameworks, and due to their light weight features, costs in transportation process was saved, and meanwhile, the installation process was so short that all tents were built within a week.

Constructed by aluminum main profiles, our tents could be used for a long period which would be much more than several times, so that there would be no need to arrange for another space next time, thus saving costs and eliminate worries about spaces of the next time.

Coverings for side walls of these event canopies are white PVC fabrics featured rain, fire and UV proof, then the festival would not be stopped under any kind of weather condition, in addition, dangers like catching fire would totally be eliminated, and front parts of these tents are perfect place for printed ads and banners to attract tourists.

In the installation process, we started from dealing with an empty wet dirt, with the help pf floors and carpets, a wonderful place for the beer festival was built up within a short period of seven days.

We equipped these event canopies with ventilators and rain gutters, and together with chandeliers and linens as well as tables and seats, these structures formed a wonderland of beer.

If you are interested in such kind of tents, send us the inquiry form below, and we will contact you with all information you required.


Frame Material Hard pressed extruded aluminum alloy T6061/T6
Roof Fabric 850 g/m² white or 950 g/m² transparent PVC coated polyester fabric
Side Wall Options 650 g/m² PVC fabric; ABS solid wall; Glass Wall; Sandwiched Steel Panel
Components Hot dip galvanized steel for base plate; Steel ridge
Material Features Adjustable base plate; Stainless Profile; Water proof, Fire Retardant, UV-Proof; Weather resistant; Windload 80-100km/h; Relocatable


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