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25×35m Curved Roof Tent – Event Marquees

TFS-Structures-Event-Marquee-Shelter-Tent-01 TFS-Structures-Event-Marquee-Shelter-Tent-02

25×35m Curved Roof Tent | Event Marquees

Shelter’s TFS series is designed for helicopter hangar and aircraft hangar with high arch roof. Span from 18m to 50m, this hangar tent provides enough space for helicopter and aircraft. With its strong aluminum profile and fire proof PVC fabric cover, hangar tent is durable and strong enough to stand a high wind speed up to 100km/h.

This TFS structures was set up as event marquees. Suitable for corporate event,  outdoor catering venue, beer festival etc.

We also provide installation guidance to your jobsite if it is your first time setting up a hangar tent. Send inquiry to us for more information about helicopter hangar for sale.

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