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17 th Oct 2014

Flat Roof Event Canopy Tent for Exhibition

Shelter Tent provides different sizes of event canopy tent for sale. As an professional manufacturer, Shelter- tent offers you a aluminum constructed frame and glass sidewalls ( with other solutions...

17 th Oct 2014

Large Event Tent for Sale in South Africa

Shelter Tent has built many huge tents. The clear span tent width is up to 60m and length is up to 180m. Here you can find all size event tents....

16 th Oct 2014

Clear Marquee 10×20, 20×40 For Sale

Shelter’s clear marquee and Transparent  tent are your perfect choice for party. We have all sizes in stock for sale. Clear tent offers an elegant and colorful view for wedding and party. In the...

16 th Oct 2014

Luxury Hotel Lounge Tent Backyard Lounge Marquee

Luxury Hotel Lounge Tent Backyard Lounge Marquee Our clear span lounge tent offers you a perfect lounge space in your backyard. Also our tent is a very cost effective solution for...

16 th Oct 2014

Pure White Event Tents for Sale

Event Tents for Sale – Johnnie Walker Products Launch Shelter Tent provides different sizes and sharps event tents for sale. With the lightweight aluminum frame and strong steel stakes, the...

16 th Oct 2014

Mixed Party Tent Accomadate1000+ People

Mixed Party Tent Accomadate1000+ People With Glass Wall Mixed Party Tents are the most attractive outdoor party tent with tents in different shapes combined together for party or other events....

15 th Oct 2014

Outdoor Portable Tent 100-300People Reception Tent

Outdoor Portable Tent 100-300People Reception Tent Shelter Tent provides reception tent for sale in all sizes and styles. Shelter catering marquee is clear span tent, which has no poles inside the...

15 th Oct 2014

Large Glass Tent Host 300+ people

Large Glass Tent Host 300+ people Glass tent is widely used in high profile events. With firm glass walls, the tent is much stronger under the storm. It is weather resistant....

15 th Oct 2014

Commercial Used 30 x 180 Event Marquees Sales

Shelter Tent has built many huge tents. The clear span tent width is up to 60m and length is up to 180m. Here you can find all size event marquees. Our...

14 th Oct 2014

Custom Tent Tailor Made Event Tent

Custom Tent – Custom Made Event Tent We offer tailormade Custom tent to those who want their event to be extraordonary. Everyone wants their events to be the most outstanding and...

14 th Oct 2014

Large Event Tents For Sale

Large Event Tents For Sale Shelter event tents are the professional basis for perfect mobile event locations. Whether for a tour, Art Shows, Car Shows, Boat Shows, Consumer Shows, B2B...

14 th Oct 2014

Outdoor Clear Tent for Exhibition Event

The high class design clear tent is aluminum structure with glass sidewalls. It has wide use in exhibitions and events because not only its outstanding appearance and high quality structure...

13 th Oct 2014

Double Decker Tent for Sport Event

Shelter Tent provides a wide range of Double Decker Tent and Multi decker tent span from 10-40m. Shelter’s Double Decker Structures often applied in sporting events like Horse Racing, Car racing,...

13 th Oct 2014

10 x 15 Outdoor Canopy Tent for Cheap Sale

The outdoor 10 x 15 canopy tent can used as an instant shelter for its multifunction.  Our tent is easy to set up and portable, allowing for variety of purpose...

10 th Oct 2014

Outdoor 20 x 30 Party Tent Straight Leg

Shelter Party Tent & Marquees are your best choice for organizing your party including catering, receptions,festival ceremony, luncheon, and even the evening disco. We have helped countless customers celebrate special occasions of all kinds. Typical...

10 th Oct 2014

Commercial Outdoor Event Marquee with Logo

Shelter event marquee is large A frame clear span structures(10-60m span) designed for all kinds of trade show,fair, car show, new product launch and outdoor expo for any industries.The unlimited extended bay...

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