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10 th Jun 2017
High Peak Mixed Tent - Shelter Party Tent Sale - Multi Sided Tent - Party Marquee - Reception Tent - Wedding Marquee - Outdoor Marquee - Party Tent for Sale (16)

500 Seats PVC High Peak Mixed Tent for Outdoor Wedding

High peak mixed tent is a highly versatile tenting solution. It can be installed on most any surface and can be arranged in a variety of layouts.

18 th May 2017
Tent for Backyard Party - Shelter Party Tent Sale - Party Tent - Party Marquee - Wedding Marquee - Tent for Wedding - Reception Tent - Party Tent for Sale (138)

20 x 25m Clearspan Tent for Backyard Party

We are lucky to be able to supply our Clearspan Tent for backyard party to the various parts of the world, including Australia, US, UK, India, Pakistan etc.

24 th Mar 2017
Marquee Wedding Sydney - Shelter Party Tent Sale - Polygon Tent - Polygonal Marquee - Marquee for Sale - Party Tent for Sale (4)

Marquee Wedding Sydney – Decagon Tent for Sale

If you are looking for a new marquee wedding venue, our white marquee with chinese hat roof and ten sides is a wonderful set up for an outdoor wedding ceremony that guarantees the wow effect.

14 th Feb 2017
Shelter Party Tent Sale - 10 x 20 Party Tent for Sale - Party Tent - Party Marquee - Wedding Marquee - Tent for Wedding - Reception Tent - Party Tent for Sale (89)

10 x 20 Party Tent for Sale – Tent with Clear Top

Party tent with clear top is a popular option for hosting outdoor BBQ, family reunion and intimate gathering.

07 th Feb 2017
Banquet Marquee - Shelter Party Tent Sale - Party Tent - Party Marquee - Wedding Marquee - Tent for Wedding - Reception Tent - Party Tent for Sale (78)

20m Clear Span Banquet Marquee for 400 People

Whether for social occasions like annual banquets, anniversary celebrations or private functions like open-air caterings, garden parties, the 20 meters by 30 meters banquet marquee would be your ideal venue solution.

28 th Dec 2016
Tent for 100 People - Party Tent For sale-100-500 Seater - Party Gazebo Tents Clear Marquee - Tranparent Marquee - Arch Tent -Shelter Tent (1)

Clear Tent for 100 People – Arch Tent for Party

Ourdoor Party Tent for 100 People Shelter outdoor party tents are the most versatile tent you should possess. Thanks to their high-quality modular construction system, our tents offer you a...

21 st Dec 2016
ShelterTent - Geodesic Dome Tent for Sale - Geodesic Dome - Dome - Dome Tent for Sale - Fabric Dome - Frame Dome Tent - Event Dome - Party Tent Sale(2)

60′ Dome with Black PVC Fabric – Geodesic Dome Tent for Sale in South Australia

60′ Geodesic Dome Tent for Sale – Ideal Place for Concert/ Dancing Hall/ Disco Geodesic dome has been widely applied in many outdoor activities like corporate event, product launch, exhibition...

21 st Nov 2016

Dia.6m Geodesic Dome House for Sale – Greenhouse Structures

Polycarbonate Geodesic Dome House for Sale Used as Greenhouse Are you looking for a temporarty greenhouse for the winter planting? If yes, our PC geodesic dome house for sale may be...

18 th Nov 2016

24 Sided Polygon Tent in Desert Trip 2016 USA

40m 24 Sided Polygon Tent for Music Festival The utility polygon tent has the advantages of simple structure, firm installation and elegant appearance, therefore applied very extensive. The regular polygonal...

17 th Nov 2016

White Fabric Geodome Marquee for Sale UK

Dia.30m Geodome Marquee for Sale Shelter is committed to the design and manufacture of clear span and innovative spherical tents. This dia.30m wholly white fabric geodome marquee is designed to...

04 th Aug 2016
SHELTER Big Party Tent Yuma Tent - Oval Structures - Party Marquee - Outdoor Music Festival -1

30X40M Big Party Tent with Oval Shape

Big Party Tent with Mixed Shape Thanks to the modular construction, Shelter big party tent can be designed into different shapes. Like classic A frame, arch roof, thermo flat top...

30 th Jul 2016
SHELTER 10X24 Meter Party Tent - Cocktail Parties - Wedding Marquee - Backyard Gazebo -3

10 x 25m Party Gazebo for Sale in Australia /Ukraine

10 x 25m Party Gazebos Finding a stable, removable and easy installation party gazebos to hold your backyard gathering? Shelter can reach your wish anywhere: Australia, Ukraine, UK, US, South...

02 nd Mar 2016
event canopies - tents for event - outdoor event-tents - 1

Event Canopies Served to Qingdao Beer Festival

Event Canopies Provided to Qingdao Beer Festival Shelter Tent has been working to provide event canopies in various shapes and sizes to different events, with an experience of over 10...

02 nd Mar 2016

Outdoor Wedding Venues With Transparent Walls

500 Seaters Outdoor Wedding Venue Outdoor Wedding Venues in Beijing Having an outdoor wedding is becoming more and more popular nowadays, and we are dedicated to designing and manufacturing outdoor...

01 st Mar 2016
wedding reception tent - tent for wedding - wedding marquees - shelter tent - 3

Wedding Reception Tent For Sale

Wedding Reception Tent for Catering and Accommodation Building a wedding reception tent is normal to our experienced team no matter what the size and shape are, and though rich in...

01 st Mar 2016

Large Exhibition Tent for Handicraft Festival

Large Exhibition Tent for Handicrafts Show KLICF in Malaysia in an exhibition for handicrafts full of traditions, and is very important to culture protection. Experienced in providing all kinds of...

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