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20×30 Party Tent for Wedding Reception in Pakistan

20 x30 Party Tent-wedding-Reception-marquee-tents-for-sale-Shelter-Tent-8320 x30 Party Tent-wedding-Reception-marquee-tents-for-sale-Shelter-Tent-8420 x30 Party Tent-wedding-Reception-marquee-tents-for-sale-Shelter-Tent-8520 x30 Party Tent-wedding-Reception-marquee-tents-for-sale-Shelter-Tent-86

20×30 Party Tent for Wedding Reception/Catering/Ceremony Venue

As a top tent supplier over the world, our tents are popular among all kinds of events, and we applied a 20×30 party tent in our annual celebration.

Just like all tents we sell, the party tent was installed with an aluminum main framework wholly constructed by aluminum alloys, and with the help of connectors and our experienced team, the tent turned out to be stable and durable, so that it could be used for the next time. Due to no pole inside feature, the 20×30 party tent clear spanned an area of 600sqm, thus having a large capacity that could hold a stage, over 10 tables and a sound system.

We used printed PVC fabrics for the roof of the tent, so that rains and UV could be stopped from getting inside, ABS and glass walls together with double glass doors were installed to make the tent to look better.

Inside the 20×30 party tent, linens and swag as well as chandeliers are necessary for the celebration, in addition, air-conditioners, ventilators and rain gutters are all equipped to the tent, so that during the celebration, everyone felt comfortable.

After the event, we took the party tent into apart, and due to its indeformable feature, the tent could be used for the next time when temporary space is needed.


Frame Material Hard pressed extruded aluminum alloy T6061/T6
Roof Fabric 850 g/m² white or 950 g/m² transparent PVC coated polyester fabric
Side Wall Options 650 g/m² PVC fabric; ABS solid wall; Glass Wall; Sandwiched Steel Panel
Components Hot dip galvanized steel for base plate; Steel ridge
Material Features Adjustable base plate; Stainless Profile; Water proof, Fire Retardant, UV-Proof; Weather resistant; Windload 80-100km/h; Relocatable


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