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Outdoor Dining Igloo Shelter Geodome Tent Mixed Party Tents Party Tents For Sale

Outdoor Dining Igloo

Shelter offers dia. 4m dome igloo for outdoor cafe and leisure area. The dia. 6m dome tent is suitable for outdoor gathering.

Shelter Geodome Tent

Available in 3m to 80m in diameter. For Marketing Experiences, Corporate Events, Private Parties, Banquet Hall etc.

Mixed Party Tents

Mixed Party Tents offers attractive appearances. Our best sellers are Bellend Yuma Tent, High Peaked Marquees etc.

Party Tents For Sale

World leading party tents manufacturer based in China. We offer you best price cheaper than any rental. Delivery directly to you worldwide. 500+ Seat/guest; Quality Guaranteed

Shelter Party Tent

We are world leading manufacturer of party tents.Shelter Party Tent & Marquees are your best choice for organizing your party including catering, receptions,festival ceremony, luncheon, and even the evening disco. We have helped countless customers celebrate special occasions of all kinds. Typical party events include: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christenings, Children’s parties, Balls etc. Shelter Party Tent marquees are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes span from 3m to 50m.
16 th Dec 2020

Clear Dome Igloo – Creative Outdoor Dining Space

Details of The Shelter 4m Transparent Dome The 4m transparent dome is made of PVC fabric and steel frame. The combination of them ensures safety while presenting an elegant and attractive appearance. It...

02 nd Mar 2018
Shelter Party Tent Sale - Portable Event Tent - Event Marquee - Event Tent - Commercial Tent - Tent for Event - Party Tent for Sale (298)

Portable Event Tent 15x20m for Corporate Celebration in Malaysia

15x20m Portable Event Tent with Clear PVC Fabrics Shelter offers event tents with different clearspan widths which enable us to provide the ideal space for your site and guest numbers....

02 nd Mar 2018

Cost-effective Aluminium Marquee Tent for Charity Event

Reliable Marquee Supplier for Your Event When it comes to event marquee purchase, all you want is for the event to run smoothly and to impress your clients and guests...

02 nd Mar 2018
Shelter Party Tent Sale - White Event Tent - Event Marquee - Event Tent - Commercial Tent - Tent for Event - Party Tent for Sale (292)

White Event Tent for Sale for Groundbreaking Ceremony

Temporary White Event Tent Keeps Your Project Moving SHELTER offers a comprehensive range of temporary white event tent sale solutions for private events and corporate hospitality throughout the world. Our...

02 nd Mar 2018
Logistics Warehouse Solution with 25x30m Frame Marquee - Shelter Party Tent Sale - Warehouse Tent - Storage Tent - Tent for Storage - Temporary Structure - 25x30 Warehouse Structure (4)

Custom Frame Marquee for Logistics Warehouse Solutions

Logistics Warehouse Solutions with Frame Marquee When you are in need of a temporary logistics center, SHELTER STRUCTURES can assist in determining the suitable size and style needed. With structures...

02 nd Mar 2018
Shelter Party Tent Sale - Tent for Outside Party - 20x40m Party Marquee - Reception Tent - Wedding Marquee - Outdoor Marquee - Party Tent for Sale (2)

Modular Tent with A Single Peak for Outside Party

The 20x40m mixed clear span tent for outside party with innovative design possibilities is ideal for any event occasion needing a temporary space to entertain.

06 th Dec 2017
Small Marquee Tent - Shelter Party Tent Sale - Event Marquee with Glass Sidewalls and Cassette Floor - Event Tent Sale - Temporary Event Structure (1)

6m Small Marquee Tent with Black Framework

The small marquee tent is 6x12m. It's robust structure with black framework, white membrane, glass sidewalls, cassette floor used as a poolside restaurant.

16 th Sep 2017
Shelter Party Tent Sale - Pop Up Dome Tent - Geodesic Dome - Dome - Dome Tent - Event Dome - Party Dome for Sale - Party Tent for Sale (51)

Pop Up Dome Tent used as Igloo Bar in Winter

The pop up dome tent with transparent PVC is designed to accommodate drinks receptions & relaxation areas. It can be used as a garden shelter, greenhouse.

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