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Party Tents For Sale Shelter Wedding Marquee Mixed Party Tents

Party Tents For Sale

World leading party tents manufacturer based in China. We offer you best price cheaper than any rental. Delivery directly to you worldwide. 500+ Seat/guest; Quality Guaranteed

Shelter Wedding Marquee

Wedding Marquee Tents Manufacturer

Mixed Party Tents

Mixed Party Tents offers attractive appearance. Our best sellers are Bellend Yuma Tent, High peaked marquees etc.

Shelter Party Tent

We are world leading manufacturer of party tents.Shelter Party Tent & Marquees are your best choice for organizing your party including catering, receptions,festival ceremony, luncheon, and even the evening disco. We have helped countless customers celebrate special occasions of all kinds. Typical party events include: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christenings, Children’s parties, Balls etc. Shelter Party Tent marquees are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes span from 3m to 50m.
20 th Jul 2016
SHELTER Geodesic Dome Tent - Event Domes - geodesic dome tent for sale  Geodome for Party - Gedesic Structures for Sale -8

Dia. 15 / 20 / 25m Geodesic Dome Tent for Sale in UK

Geodesic Dome for Sale – Intel New Product Launch Shelter offers unique geodesic dome tent for sale to support all kinds of events: brand promotion, product launches, commercial reception, outdoor...

05 th Mar 2016
open dome tent - geodesic dome - Shelter geodesic dome tent for sale - shelter tent - 2

Open Dome Tent for Sale – Outdoor Concert Cover

Open Dome Tent for Sales Not only geodesic dome is our popular design for events, but also open dome tents are perfect outdoor venues to all the typical events including weddings,...

02 nd Mar 2016
geodesic domes - dome tents for sale - hemisphere tent -2

Dome Tent for Sale in Wedding/Party/Business Events

Dome Tent for Sale in All Kinds of Events Shelter Tent is dedicated to enrich its product gallery and has been working to develop all kinds of tents including all...

02 nd Mar 2016
geodesic domes - dome tents for sale - hemisphere tent - 3

Large Dome Tent – Party Domes for Sale

Large Dome Tent for Sale in Party, Wedding and Other Events Shelter large dome tent, as the most space-utilizing temporary structure in the world, could be widely applied to all...

02 nd Mar 2016
geodesic domes - dome tents for sale-hemisphere tent - 1

Geodesic Dome in All Sizes (Dia. 9m-40m)

Geodesic Dome in All Sizes for Sale Geodesic dome, different from other normal “ A” shape tents, is attracting people from both home and abraod, and is being widely applied to all kind of...

02 nd Mar 2016
event canopies - tents for event - outdoor event-tents - 1

Event Canopies Served to Qingdao Beer Festival

Event Canopies Provided to Qingdao Beer Festival Shelter Tent has been working to provide event canopies in various shapes and sizes to different events, with an experience of over 10...

02 nd Mar 2016
outdoor wedding venues - wedding tent for sale - outdoor party tent - 1

Outdoor Wedding Venues With Transparent Walls

500 Seaters Outdoor Wedding Venue Outdoor Wedding Venues in Beijing Having an outdoor wedding is becoming more and more popular nowadays, and we are dedicated to designing and manufacturing outdoor...

01 st Mar 2016
wedding reception tent - tent for wedding - wedding marquee - shelter tent - 1

Wedding Reception Tent For Sale

Wedding Reception Tent for Catering and Accommodation Building a wedding reception tent is normal to our experienced team no matter what the size and shape are, and though rich in...

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