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Geodesic Dome in All Sizes (Dia. 9m-40m)


Geodesic Dome in All Sizes for Sale

Geodesic dome, different from other normal “ A” shape tents, is attracting people from both home and abraod, and is being widely applied to all kind of events like wedding, party, camping, exhibition and conference, etc..

Generally speaking, our dome tents spans from 5 to 40 meters, and due to the space-utilizing feature, this kind of tent serves to various events perfectly, and sometimes they do even better than normal shape ones.

Our geodesic dome tents could be consisted of steel of aluminum profiles forming triangle shapes to make tents more stable, and the round design would attract more people involved in your events.

Coverings for dome tents are white and transparent PVC fabrics, and you can adjust the brightness of inner space by adding or reducing the coverage of white fabrics, of course, you can use wholly transparent material to give a modern feeling.

Our fabrics resist rain, snow, UV and fire, so when being used as music concert covers, product launch halls, party spaces and exhibition tents, our geodesic dome tents could provide comfortable, pleasing and safe spaces.

Besides designs from our team, customers could design domes by themselves, we would quote the best price and if there are requests on devices and equipment of performance and catering, we would help to prepare all stuff for you. After receiving your order, we would arrange for production and delivery asap, and our sales would keep up with all situations and get everything under control.

If there were any problem after finishing building your geodesic dome tents, we would take the responsibility of replacing accessories, fabrics or even the structure units if necessary to reach 100% customer satisfaction.

Geodesic Dome Series


High Quality Material

Main Frame Material Powder Coated Steel Pipe Q235 Φ26x2mm, Φ32x3mm, Φ42x3mm, Φ50x3mm; Aluminum Pipe is optional.
Cover Density 850g/m² & 650g/m² PVC Fabric
Components Hot dip galvanized steel for base plate; Steel ridge
Features Fire retardant (DIN 4102 B1/M2); Weather resistant; Shock Resistant; Relocatable

Specification Overview


Diameter 10 Meters

Diameter 15 Meters

Diameter 15 Meters


Diameter 20 Meters

Diameter 25 Meters

Diameter 30 Meters

6m/ 20ft 3m/ 10ft Φ20×1.5 80 – 100km/h
10m/ 32ft 5m/ 16ft Φ32×2 80 – 100km/h
15m/ 50ft 7.5m/ 25ft Φ38×2 80 – 100km/h
20m/ 65ft 10m/ 32ft Φ48×3 80 – 100km/h
25m/ 82ft 12.5m/ 40ft Φ48×3 80 – 100km/h
30m/ 98ft 13m/ 42ft Φ60×3 80 – 100km/h
35m/ 115ft 14m/ 45ft Φ60×3 80 – 100km/h
40m/ 130ft 15m/ 50ft Φ76×4 80 – 100km/h

Quality Guaranteed


Flame Retardant
Our PVC fabric is fire retardant according to DIN4102, B1, M2; USA NFPA701.

Premimum grade, high gloss white, thickness≥0.67mm.

The double-faced PVC coating synthetic fiber has the best performances in breaking strength.

Aluminum profile is made by hard pressed extruded structural aluminum T6061/ T6.






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